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Rail clamp strength analysis

The rail clamp is a safety device that is designed to prevent a crane from moving along the rail when the storm wind acts by gripping the gantry rail. In this project the static strength of the structure, bolt connections and levers has been checked. In addition the fatigue analysis has been done.
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3rd party service RTG crane height increase

3rd party in RTG crane height increase from 18 to 21 meters. Performed RTG structural analysis (fatigue, buckling and static strength), checked the crane stability, design and drawings of the additional leg sections, exhausting pipe section, additional tie beam according BS 2573.
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Portal level luffing boom crane Structural Analysis

Structural design of a new portal level luffing boom crane ‘MARK-36’ for KONECRANES Ukraine was done using FEM 1.001. The FEM Analysis checking of wheel forces, static strength, fatigue, buckling were carried out and based on the obtained results the necessary reinforcement proposal were done.
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