Measured strain signal as a Boundary conditions for Finite Element submodel with application to crane structure residual life assessment

Abstract The general flowchart of a crane structure residual life assessment could be split into two basic stages. On the first stage crane structure critical elements are determined usually using the Finite Element Analysis (FEA) for the given operational parameters (i.e. safe working load, maximum outreach and back reach, speed of mechanisms etc.). On the…
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The influence of a Quay Crane sea transportation on its further exploitation

Maksym Starykov, Frank Van Hoorn2 1 PhD, Mechanical Engineer, Palfinger Marine, Bergen, Norway 2MSc, Naval Architect, Argonautics Marine Engineering, Inc, Windsor, USA Corresponding author: Maksym, Starykov, starikovmax@yahoo.com Submitted 06.05.2016; accepted date (use style Received dates, or Alt + Ctrl + R) Abstract. For the last decades, fully erected container cranes have been delivered to a…
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