Investigation of the reason of premature fatigue cracks initiation in a Quay Crane boom and girder structures

Maksym Starykov, PhD – Mechanical / Structural material handling equipment consultant, Norway* Oleksii Nemchuk, PhD – Vice Rector for Research, Odessa National Maritime University, Odessa, Ukraine. Keywords: quay crane, boom structure, strain gauge, forestay force distribution, fatigue damage accumulation. The issue of the premature cracks appearance in a container crane boom and girder structures takes…
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Use of magnetic coercivity method for diagnosis crane metal

Maxim Starikov1, Andrey Beljatynskij2, Irina Klimenko3 1Dept of Hoisting machines and mechanization of cargo handling works, Faculty Mechanization of ports, Odessa National Maritime University, Philatov str. 45 app. 24, Odessa, Ukraine 2Dept of Airport Reconstruction and Automobile Roads, Institute of Airport, National Aviation University, Kosmonavta Komarova ave 1, 03680 Kiev, Ukraine 3Dept of Economics, Natonal…
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